Quark interviews…Oleg Gordievsky

Oleg Gordievsky was perhaps the most prominent Soviet defector of the Cold War period. The FSB is the modern Russian secret service and the KGB is its most recent ancestor. Litvinenko, an FSB agent ordered to assassinate oligarch Boris Berezowsky, was poisoned with polonium in 2006, having defected to the UK, and the Cambridge 5 were graduates of Trinity College, Cambridge University, who passed on British and American secrets from MI6, Bletchley Park, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the diplomatic service and the BBC.

 Quark: How do you react to the current situation in Ukraine?

OG: The reaction of the Western countries, though weak, impressed the Kremlin.  The march of 3 tank armies on Kiev was prevented.  Despite it, Russia will remain forever without friends and allies.

Quark: What is your opinion on Edward Snowden’s actions and the surveillance on Angela Merkel’s mobile telephone?

OG: The noise about Merkel’s telephone is a result of the active measure by the KGB.  Referring to Snowden, they accuse the NSA . The next turn will be Britain.  Snowden himself deserves only one thing – an electric chair.

Quark: How do you react to the enduring popularity of Stalin in Russia, and the fact that in most Western countries people can quote the figure of people killed in Nazi extermination camps but not of those during Stalin’s purges?

OG: Certainly I am deeply upset.  There were 476 concentration camps between 1928 and 1964 in the USSR.  In that period more than 50 million people ( best Russian and Soviet people) were exterminated.  It was 6 times more the number killed by the Nazis  That answer you will find in the profoundly intelligent work by Anna Applebaum – Gulag History, 2004, Pulizer prize.

Quark: The identity of the 5th member of the ‘Cambridge 5’ spy ring is often debated. Was it John Cairncross and how sure can we be?

OG: The British intelligence services knew without any doubt that John Caincross was the fifth man. The five passed to the KGB information which was in the Foreign Office intelligence service, the Enigma information and other top secret subjects.  They passed them not to Russia, but to the Communist party of the Soviet Union and the KGB.  The two latest exterminated 35 million Russians, not like it was in China, but the elite of the country.  British people whose reputation concerns you, should know it.  Those five were the most outstanding spies of an evil power.

Quark: You said that Litvinenko’s book “Blowing Up Russia” was the cause of his death. Do you think it was the revelations of the role of the FSB or more the political revelations which necessitated his murder?
OG: The reason for the execution of Mr. Litvinenko is not clear, but most likely his articles which were very critical of Putin were to blame.  It is like the fate of the girls who danced in the church singing  Our Lady, remove Putin please. 

By the way, for the FSB and the SVR, the murder is the smallest and most insignificant part of their activities, and have very little to do with espionage.
Quark: Could you estimate the degree to which the FSB bears the hallmark of its predecessor and is responsible for the killing of Litvinenko and Berezovsky (indirectly in the case of the latter)? Perhaps even others of which the public are not aware?
OG: Litvinenko was killed by the KGB.  Berezovsky committed suicide.  The GPU, and now the FSB, never kills foreigners, only their own Soviet/Russian people.  The FSB is really the KGB with the methods.  There is now a number of undisclosed cases in Europe and Turkey.  In Britain, a bit more than a year ago, a Russian oligarch went for a walk,  and only one hundred yards away from his home, fell down dead.  The police and the Services never informed the public what happened to him. The media obviously received the instruction not to mention him at all.

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