Young Foodie Travels: Spanish Churros with Nutella

Another addition to the ‘Young Foodie Travels’ series on … This time: Spanish Churros with Nutella!

Young Foodie


There is no denying that these aren’t #fitspo or part of the #fitfam, but they taste really, really good.

As with all great things in life, moderation is key, so a few Nutella-dipped churros really won’t kill you, but eating a bucket-full might cause otherwise.

Now that we have got the health warning out of the way, here’s the story behind these… After eating this spectacular traditional treat in the south of Spain on a previous holiday and, more recently, at an international food market stall, I knew that I had to try and make these amazing treats for myself.

They might look tricky, but they are really quite simple to make. The core five ingredients are simply butter, sugar, eggs, water and flour, but the essence of these crunchy churros is to then pipe the batter into hot oil and fry them for around 30 seconds.

They are the…

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