About the authors

Politics & Current Affairs editor: Juliet Armstrong

Email: armstrongjulietzoe@gmail.com

With an already established blog (Tea With Shortbread), Juliet rather likes to analyse and draw in skeins of different interests to form a cohesive analysis of a situation. Remarkably McLaren haven’t selected her for an F1 race seat yet, so she’s progressing in the meantime with reading German books, deciding upon her fantasy F1 team and on occasion attempting to play Grieg. Juliet is addicted to Today & The Daily Telegraph, (nervously) follows cricket and is really not too bad at bodyboarding and sledging.

She is studying Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge.

Creative director: Pareesa Tai

Email: P.Tai@she.gdst.net

When she isn’t busy procrastinating, Pareesa attempts to keep up with film, music videos, short film, anime, music, literature – which means she doesn’t really have much time for anything really. However, her love for art surpasses Gatsby’s love for Daisy, Rick’s love for Ilsa, and Kafka’s love of making his characters suffer…even if she’s ashamed that she still hasn’t watched/read a lot of classic stuff. She also plays the flute and piano (though not at the same time), climbs (or did), and buys hideously over-priced stationary (but it’s sooo prettttyyy).

She is studying English Literature at the University of Warwick.

Entertainment editor: Daniz Mobayen

Email: dani.mobayen@hotmail.co.uk

An absorbing fascination with Downton Abbey has led to Daniz becoming an expert on ITV costume dramas, making her an informed and interesting entertainment editor. Although she is coulrophobic, she is still au fait with many of the clowns present on our screens.

She is studying English Literature at the University of Leeds.

Lifestyle editor: Tanvi Acharya

Email: T.Acharya@she.gdst.net

In addition to looking slightly like Professor Brian Cox, Tanvi also has an extensive interest in science – both real and in fantasy. Despite a longing not to be a muggle, she copes remarkably well with normal human life and social ideals such as the famed monkey ladder allow her to jump on the motivational bandwagon.

She is studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge.

Lifestуle contributor: Sarah Sobka

Email: S.Sobka@she.gdst.net

Sarah is an avid baker, known to follow Kilmarnock Thistle whilst kneading focaccia dough. She takes inspiration from her extensive travels – Libya, Spain and Essex – to add an extra dimension to her blueberry scones, red velvet cupcakes or Ferrero Rocher cake. Her blog can be found at fromayoungfoodie.wordpress.com.

She is studying Medicine at the University of Sheffield.

Contributor: Nayana Punnoose

Email: npunnoose197@gmail.com

Nayana is riveted to Sherlock – almost literally – and devours books like Gregg Wallace does puddings. Her keen interest in reading spans several spheres – teen fiction, fantasy and tweets to name but a few – and is supplemented by an extensive knowledge of modern youth culture.

She is studying Law at Queen Mary University.

Contributor: Christine Zhu

Email: Y.Zhu@she.gdst.net

Christine enjoys making other people smile 🙂 Coupled with her extraordinary powers of motivation and optimism, she is also an excellent pianist and artist. She has the unique honour of having been hit in the face by a duck.

She is studying Architecture at the University of Sheffield.


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